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Deerfield Spa

Deerfield Spa

Healthy Vacations: First Location

August 2008 Priscilla spent five fantastic days at this Destination Spa where they focus on the whole approach for getting fit and staying fit.


While at the spa Priscilla participated in activities she had only read about.  Yoga, Pilates, meditation and Tai Chi to name a few.


Spoiled for choice on a varitey of classes, a heated swimming pool that is surrounded by the beautiful Pocono Mountains and open 24 hours for an any-time-dip, Priscilla never had so much fun getting in to shape.


After just a few days of filming, eating some of the best food on the planet, socializing with the other spa guests and having the time of her life, Priscilla said goodbye to head home and put in to practice all she had learned at Deerfield Spa.


Watch this site to see the air date in 2009 for episode one on Healthy Vacations: A fit way to travel.


A front page teaser and a feature article in the "Life in the Poconos" section with pictures of Priscilla exercising and at rest in the lovely Deerfield Spa. 

August 8, 2008 Pocono Record











Visit Deerfield Spa Website

Priscilla is currently filming at 16 fantastic locations all around the world for the upcoming series, Healthy Vacations, as she sheds the last of her weight.  She will show the world that it is possible to go on vacation and not gain weight, but actually lose it!  > more on Healthy Vacations

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See several slide shows of Priscilla at Deerfield Spa


Food, glorious food...the meals at Deerfield Spa were fresh, delicious, nutrious and NEVER left me hungry!

Looking back over at all the shots I wonder how I lost five pounds in the five days I was there.

It seems like all we did was eat RIGHT & amazing food.

The people at Deerfield Spa make all the magic happen.  

Combine the most incredible staff with the most incredible location and great things HAVE to happen!

The press turned out to help share this visit with the world.

Nature abounds and seems to swallow you up when you are at Deerfield Spa.

If you look up the word "breathtaking" in the dictionary, you will surely see Deerfield Spa

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